Learn mental math and arithmetic - become a human calculator

Do you break into a cold sweat when calculating stuff?
(quick: what's 35x67?)

Calculotter will teach you to do mental math at lightning speed! 🙂

Fourteen lessons

Fourteen lessons

We keep it simple. You only need 14 mental math lessons (the rest is practice).

Flexible subscriptions

Flexible subscriptions

At $2/month, $20/year, or $40/lifetime. We have an option for every need.

Infinite practice

Infinite practice

Mastering mental math is 99% about practice. So we let you train as much as needed!

Wall of love 😍

(We just launched, but people are already saying nice things)

"This might be the best mental math tool I've used. Thank you!"

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"I've been looking for something like this. Awesome work."

Reddit user

Master Math Skills with Mental Arithmetic

At Calculotter, we're focused on boosting your math agility and arithmetic capabilities in mental math. Our structured program includes fourteen math lessons aimed at making learning a pleasure. By emphasizing foundational math skills, we prepare you to mentally tackle any math challenge in your day-to-day life.

Enhance Your Mental Calculation Skills

The fact is: consistent practice in mental math is essential. Calculotter provides limitless opportunities to improve your math skills, whether for personal improvement, academic success, or professional advancement in mental math. We strive to make learning both enjoyable and practical, equipping you with skills that are useful in real-life situations through mental math exercises.

Conquer Mental Math Problems with Ease

Our lessons simplify mental arithmetic, enabling you to solve math problems quickly and accurately in your head. This approach not only improves your skills but also increases your confidence in handling numbers without relying on digital aids, reinforcing your mental math capabilities.

Build Mental Math Skills in Your Head

The importance of repetition cannot be overstated. At Calculotter, continuous practice is crucial for mastering mental math. Our platform provides endless opportunities for you to enhance your speed and accuracy. By focusing on mental math, you'll learn to quickly and efficiently address questions using just your head—a valuable asset in both academic and daily life.